Sielox, LLC

Lockdown Headquarters

With many security and safety choices to select from, facility security administrators can be overwhelmed with which technology or solution to deploy first. Adding to the dilemma is the major consideration of initial purchase price, operating cost and system management.

Most experts agree that a layered security approach works best when organizations are faced with budget constraints. Communication, perimeter management and access control are the key elements to the layers. Preparing for an emergency or even daily incident requires a communication solution to immediately share what is happening internally and with first responders. Private communication solutions significantly improve the safety and security of locked-down building occupants and the ability for first responders to maintain order, even as they attend to the most critical situations first.

Securing the perimeter of the facility and even interior doors is important to ensure that no unwanted visitors enter the building. Lockdown of all perimeter doors is a powerful feature that saves lives. With electronic wireless locks, organizations can now afford to control all of their interior doors also. Access control provides critical information on who has entered your building and when, and clearly identifies both staff and visitors. The access control system can be integrated with a visitor management solution that checks the background of each potential visitor.

Sielox Class - Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System - is a cost effective, easily deployed, daily incident and crisis management communication solution using existing devices and networks. Class reduces notification time to responders using chat and email alerts, and provides instant visibility using dynamic floor plans for All Hazards alert levels. Sielox Class provides critical instant communications and notification for daily incidents and crisis events. Alert levels are pushed to teachers and staff who select condition color status for their location. Both internal and external responders view a dynamic floorplan with color conditions, chat with and monitor events.

Lockdown alert level and physical electronic locking of perimeter and interior doors from Sielox are the most comprehensive safeguard in the security marketplace today. Both facility alert and physical lockdown capabilities are what clients are asking for from our integrator Business Partners.

Sielox LLC has long been recognized as an innovative leader in the physical security industry. Sielox Pinnacle advanced access control software and 1700 intelligent controllers integrated with readers and credentials, visitor management and credential printers provide multiple layers of security for your employees, guests, staff and assets. Choosing proven and reliable Sielox solutions ensure that your limited security dollars are well spent and garner a strong return on investment.

The unfortunate reality is that safety and security concerns are only going to increase and it is incumbent upon security administrators to make sure their facilities and staff are well-prepared for an emergency situation. By layering proven solutions every organization can afford to deploy important safeguards to communicate, control access, and secure all doors instantly.