Sielox, LLC

1700 Controller

The Most Advanced Controller in the Access Control Industry!

The 1700 Controller is the next generation access control panel

utilizing 32-bit technology with real-time operations for ultimate

in speed, performance and reliability. For uncompromising

security the 1700 is an intelligent fully distributed controller

ensuring decisions even if communications have been

interrupted. Incorporating a true IP solution with data transfer

rates up to 100 mbps per second to the onboard processor.

The 1700 features a removable secure digital card, with

storage capacity ranging from 128 MB to 1 GB. The SD card

can house a redundant controller configuration, cardholder

database, events, maintenance log, wiring diagram,

installation manual and more. Support for industry standard

reader types and technologies including, FIPS 201(PIV), CAC,

Wiegand, card and pin, proximity, biometric, smart card,

magnetic stripe and barcode.

 Highlights of the AC-1700 Controller Include:

Competitively Priced

  • Reduced Installation time and cost

No more Modules

  • Less equipment ro quote, install and stock
  • Two Controllers & Communication Ports in one (Main and Terminal)

Removable SD Card

  • Information at your finger tips
  • Installation Manual
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Technician Notes
  • Secure Portable Database
  • Instant Recovery when swapping Boards

Web Based Maintenance Port

  • Frimware Updates
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote File Updates
  • Remote Reboot


  • Native Ethernet - 100 MBits to the CPU
  • AES 256 Encryption
  • RS-485

Local Features

  • Firmware Updates
  • Diagnostics
  • Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Reboot