Leveraging Real-Time Intelligence for Pre-Emptive Applications

Sielox Real-Time Intelligence for Pre-Emptive Applications

The demand for more stringent physical access control, and the data generated from these systems, continues to be driven by new and emerging challenges stimulated by the global pandemic. Access control is now being considered for a much wider range of applications above and beyond what are now widely considered legacy physical security issues. Many facility and security professionals now think of access control as a core building utility.

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Protecting people, property, and assets is still the prime universal objective for security management. Access control has long played a critical role in achieving this goal, establishing the first line of defense at facility entrances and within by requiring proper credentials to obtain access to secured areas. Largely perceived to be a second-tier technology compared to video surveillance, yet an essential physical security measure, access control systems and the use of credentials to gain privileged access are now widely accepted in the background of everyday life.

Fast forward to today…

The pandemic changed the way we all work, play, and live on every level. Controlling access to virtually every type of facility – from offices to manufacturing plants and from hospitals to schools has taken on new significance for security, health safety, and workforce management applications – all of which can be better managed with advanced access control solutions.

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Sielox Pinnacle™ Access Control Platform features highly sophisticated pre-emptive intelligence – ideal for mainstream applications that do not warrant, or require, expensive and complex software overlays. In fact, Pinnacle inherently provides most, if not all the data intelligence physical security professionals require to improve security and myriad business operations with extreme accuracy, performance, and cost-efficiency.

Pinnacle includes hundreds of user-selectable filters – which are akin to patterns employed in expensive machine learning software – to provide users with real-time data on virtually every aspect of access activity and system status with real-time notifications. These filters effectively transform traditional proactive access control deployments into pre-emptive solutions by effectively identifying anomalies, suspicious activities, system failures, and other potential threats in real-time.

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In addition to delivering advanced access performance and compliance for physical security and business intelligence applications, Pinnacle enhances overall personal identification and identity management (PIAM) processes – all within the context of the Pinnacle platform.

Pinnacle filters can be used alone and in any combination to provide notifications with hard data that can be correlated to detect, track, and analyze a wide range of events caused by any combination of devices’ performance and history, and/or any individuals’ actions.

Pre-emptive Filter Capabilities

Device Management filters allow Pinnacle users to automatically monitor the operational status and performance of all access-related devices. This not only ensures that security protocols are maintained, it also detects and reports anomalous activities related to device performance and access events that may indicate potential insider threats. Critical device management filters include:

  • Access system/device failure detection
  • Doors events, status and programming
  • Reader events, status and programming
  • Controller events, status and programming
  • Inputs and Outputs, status and programming

Alarm and Event Management filters can help to dramatically reduce costs associated with false alarms, and reduce SOC operator fatigue so they can focus on real events of importance. Pinnacle includes a host of alarm and event management filters that can improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations. Filters are provided for:

  • Emergency access management including lockdowns and mustering
  • Insider threat detection and risk mitigation based on access attempts, denied access, and expired access credentials
  • System tampering and forced entry

Physical Identity Access Management filters help organizations keep better track of individuals and their access to facilities and secured areas.

Various levels of programming permissions can be set on an individualized basis to maintain tight controls over secure and sensitive areas within a facility. Filters include:

– Controlled/privileged access levels on a location-by-location basis
– Credentials incorrect
– Occupancy management to maintain capacity compliance
– Contractor and contingent worker management Pin or reader deactivated or modified by a system admin
– Badge management (created/deleted/modified…)

Workforce and Risk Management filters have become increasingly important tools for organizations as employees continue to return to work with hybrid and flexible work hours. Keeping track of employees for security, human resources, health safety and compliance reasons continues to challenge organizations of all types and sizes. Pinnacle filters include:

  • Compliance/audit management
  • Occupancy Restriction by room or facility
  • Health management / contact tracing
  • Time and attendance

Pinnacle’s innate intelligence takes access control to the next level, allowing users to leverage any combination of pre-emptive data and real-time notifications for a comprehensive range of applications.

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