AnyWare™ for EveryOne

Next-Generation Browser-Based Access Control

More Doors, More Support, More Capabilities

Meet AnyWare 2.2 – the next-gen browser-based access control monitoring and event management solution that’s ideal for everyone. AnyWare 2.2 delivers greater door capacity, regional I/O capacity, and enhanced reporting functions for improved operational efficiency.

AnyWare 2.2 features an even more secure, simpler, scalable design than before. Suitable for a variety of security environments, you can now manage access control applications with up to 64 doors using 32 total controllers, and up to 15 terminal controllers on a single main controller configuration.

Detailed Reporting, Professional Support

From alarm management systems to threat intelligence solutions, keeping tabs on access activities is paramount for maintaining security and compliance. AnyWare 2.2 introduces a suite of new and enhanced reporting features that enable organizations to stay ahead of operational inefficiencies and compliance challenges. These new reports include Reader-Cardholder Tracking, Reader Access, Cardholder, and Configuration reports, and more.

Sielox also provides assistance with the review of new or existing credentials and readers, regardless of if it is a new install or rip and replace. This support extends to training, ensuring that integrators and end users are equipped to make the most of AnyWare 2.2.

AnyWare is for Everyone

The core of AnyWare 2.2 lies in its simplicity, flexibility and cost-efficiency – making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

With regional I/O capacity, the system gains the power to seamlessly manage available access control solutions over a larger scope.  New pre-configured templates on a single screen allow you to easily design and build your system ahead of time, making installations smoother and reducing potential errors. The introduction of a new ‘Device Setup’ page further streamlines the device configuration process. This user-friendly approach empowers integrators to confidently deploy AnyWare 2.2 and ensures end users can fully leverage the system’s capabilities.

The Best of AnyWare

Everything customers love about AnyWare 2.0 is even better with AnyWare 2.2. Control and manage security events in less than a second from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device – from AnyWare. The browser-based system can connects immediately and pops up a variety of notifications, all with no monthly recurring fees. Using an IT-friendly pre-loaded network appliance or self-installed on Linux server or a VM, AnyWare 2.2 is ready to configure in a matter of minutes. When used in conjunction with Sielox’s industry leading 2700 IP controllers, AnyWare provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use yet robust access control feature set.