Sielox Software Support Agreement Policy (SSA)

Sielox Technical support is available for all trained Certified Sielox Integrators (CSI) that have an End User site using Pinnacle, AnyWare or CLASS software that is within their one-year warranty period or they have a current Software Support Agreement (SSA) in place. As with any software purchase, maintaining a current Software Support Agreement (SSA) is the most cost-effective way to protect your software investment and gain the greatest value for your security solution.

If a site is not under warranty or has an expired SSA, the End User site will have to purchase an SSA from their CSI to obtain technical support from Sielox for any troubleshooting, rehosting to a new server, upgrading to new versions or adding additional feature licenses (workstations, badging, Active Directory, wireless locks, etc.) to the software key.

All software purchases are not returnable and require a signed End User License Agreement (EULA) from the CSI for each site. Phone call or email to Sielox Technical Support must be initiated by CSI unless an EUSA (see below) is in place.

New purchase of Pinnacle, AnyWare or CLASS

  • One Year Warranty included
  • Software version updates
  • Phone support for Certified Integrator

After 1 year warranty period

  • One Year or Three Year (discounted) software support agreement (SSA)
  • Software version updates
  • Phone support for Certified Integrator

Why stay current with an SSA?

Existing installs with outdated versions of software are more likely to encounter problems from operating system updates and or vulnerability scans. Expert Sielox Technical Support provides a professional resource for Certified Sielox Integrators to troubleshoot and remedy software issues.

Maintaining current SSAs will ensure less down time for any planned adds, moves or changes making them more cost effective. When planned moves, adds or changes occur, your card holder database will not be aware of the process, minimizing a potential pain point.

Best practices to maintain optimum performance of your Pinnacle system?

– Confirm Sielox Pinnacle server meets minimum requirements

– Upgrade Sielox Pinnacle server to current supported Microsoft OS

– Upgrade to current Sielox Pinnacle software

– Upgrade to current Sielox 2700 controller firmware

– Keep 2700 controller spares available

– Maintain current Software Support Agreement

– Back up your data in preparation for when the server fails

Optional Annual End-User Support Agreement (EUSA)

Communicate directly with Sielox Tech Support

Sielox Technical Support Availability

Days of Operation: Monday – Friday

Hours of Operation: 8:30am – 7:30pm ET