Solutions Overview

An Overview of Sielox Access Control Solutions

Every facility across every vertical market is different and requires a tailored integrated access control system to provide protection for people property, and data assets. Buildings may appear to have the same architectural design and even layout, but factors such as physical location, number of tenants, the number and type of sensitive areas, and the nature of the people that use them are all distinctly different.

This is true even within specific vertical markets, such as financial, commercial, state and local government, and educational spaces. As a result, security management at each and every facility need to deploy access control solutions and crisis notification and response systems that can be tailored to their specific needs.

That’s precisely what we do at Sielox.

We deliver access control and emergency notification solutions that can be layered with or without video surveillance to provide the exact combination of features and capabilities you need most to protect people, property, and assets within your facility.

See the examples below to learn more about how Sielox access control solutions help protect people, facilities, and sensitive areas in a variety of markets.

Sielox Access Control Examples by Market

Pre-emptive Access Control

Sielox Pinnacle™ Access Control Platform features highly sophisticated pre-emptive intelligence – ideal for mainstream applications that do not warrant, or require, expensive and complex software overlays.

Access Control for Financial Firms

Sielox access control solutions for use in banks, back office operations, and the financial industry.

Healthcare Access Control Solutions

Sielox access control solutions for use in hospitals, medical offices, MOBs, and the healthcare industry.

Commercial Access Control Solutions

Sielox access control solutions for use in commercial facilities, including retail, office buildings, multi-family housing, apartment buildings, manufacturing, warehouses, and other facilities with sensitive areas.

Government Access Control Solutions

Sielox access control solutions for use in Federal, state, local and county government facilities, including administrative offices, maintenance buildings, court houses, police departments, and similar sensitive areas.

K-12 School Access Control Solutions

Sielox access control solutions for use in K-12 schools, administration buildings, youth sports facilities, and similar applications.

School Lockdown Solutions

Sielox crisis lockdown alert status system and solutions for school crisis management.

Campus Access Control Solutions

Sielox access control solutions for use in larger, distributed settings, including college campus, business campus, churches, HOW, casinos, and multi-building government, corporate and enterprise-level workplaces.

Access Control with Video Verification

Sielox access control solutions that support video verification and video confirmation as required for applicable regulated industries, as well as to improve situational awareness for security incidents.

Sielox Wireless Lock Integrations

Sielox wireless lock integrations provide a highly effective and efficient means to enhance access control, while dramatically reducing installation time and costs typically associated with hard-wired locks.

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