Sielox Wireless Lock Integrations

Wireless locks provide a highly effective and efficient means to enhance access control by incorporating the Lock, Request to Exit, Door Status Switch and Reader functionality in one complete package, while dramatically reducing installation time and costs typically associated with traditional hard-wired locks.

Current wireless lock technology and access control integration open new paths of deployment for installation situations where hard wiring would be difficult due to construction type (masonry) or regulations (historic buildings). These new options support pushing the physical edge of access control management for numerous mainstream applications.

There are an increasing number of installation scenarios where access control systems need to encompass critical and high value interior locations to ensure organizations maintain immediate control over critical entry/egress points. Areas that directly impact daily operations such as classrooms, inventory stockrooms, and equipment/utility rooms often require access control for safety and/or compliance.

With a number of different lock solutions categories as “wireless”, it’s important that security professionals are familiar with the various solutions available to meet their specific challenges. The process starts with evaluation of the type and location of doors or cabinets to be secured, who requires access to these areas/cabinets, how frequently user records need to be updated, whether immediate or scheduled control is required, and if there are existing reader and credential type interoperability requirements for the desired wireless lock solution.

Installation time and costs will be significantly reduced with proper evaluation, selection and installation of the most appropriate wireless locks and communication technology. Sounds like a rather simple solution – but one that has not been achievable until the necessary integrations with access control were made available.

The following is a list of the different types of wireless integrations now available from Sielox:

Allegion Wireless Lock Portfolio Integrations

Since 2012 Sielox has been a certified member of the Allegion Alliance Network. This technology alliance allows Sielox to further expand the reach and value of access control and management with the added value of real-time door control and offline Wi-Fi® based lock solutions.

The Sielox access control integration using our 1700 Controller and Pinnacle® Access Control Software encompasses three Allegion “wireless lock” communications technologies encompassing five lock product lines. These choices enable systems integrators to cost-effectively install a wireless lock solution, and system users to efficiently manage a variety of access applications with greater control.

900 MHz Wireless Integration

Beginning in 2012, Sielox integrated Sielox 1700 controllers and Pinnacle Access Control software to manage Allegion PIM devices via RS485 cable for real-time command and lockdown of AD300 wired and AD400 wireless locks using “900 MHz wireless” communications.

AD Series premium locks were designed to be adaptable, allowing upgrades to be made to new technologies without taking the lock off the door. Available in cylindrical, mortise, mortise deadbolt and exit trim chassis options, they feature a wide range of credential options including PIN. AD-400 locks communicate by 900 MHz wireless technology to the PIM400, operating independently of the IT network.

2.4 GHz Bluetooth (BLE) Integration

A new product line of more affordable wireless locks was released in 2015 using the Allegion ENGAGE™ Gateway, an application for commissioning wireless locks for real-time networked connectivity low energy 2.4 GHz Bluetooth (BLE) communications. Sielox 1700 controller integrations with Pinnacle Access Control software manage Allegion ENGAGE Gateways via RS485 cable for real time command and lockdown. This integration was completed with Schlage NDE (first to Market in 2015), LE (first to Market in 2017) and VonDuprin RU RM (first to Market in 2018) wireless locks.

The NDE lock design packages the cylindrical lock, credential reader, and access control sensors together into a small footprint that is both easy to install and affordable. The LE design packages the mortise lock, credential reader, and access control sensors together into a small footprint that is both elegant and affordable. The LE mortise chassis can be ordered with an interior push button or deadbolt for specific applications. Both NDE and LE locks include both proximity (125 kHz) and/or Smart (13.56 MHz) credentials which feature a much higher level of security and versatility.

Von Duprin Remote Undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM)

Von Duprin created the Remote Undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM) options as a battery powered wireless solution that enables remote undogging and door status monitoring. It enhances perimeter and interior security by providing electronic override of mechanical dogging for emergency facility lockdown. The RM option is a sensor only configuration for exit only or fire rate doors that require monitoring. It provides visibility to request to exit (RX), latch bolt monitor (LX) and door position switch (DPS). Both are modular kits that can be added to any existing Von Duprin 98/99 or 33A/35A Series device.

Layered Wireless Lock Integration Solutions

It is important to note that Sielox integrated site deployments of Allegion wireless locks may have two hardwired doors and a mix of up to 32 wireless locks per 1700 controller using either AD locks with 900 MHz communications and NDE, LE and RU RM locks using 2.4 GHz BLE. This capability enables system users to apply the best mix of technology and a high value for any application.

Another first-to-market Sielox 1700 controller feature using RS485 enables Allegion ONR (Over Network Reprograming) remote firmware updates. New Allegion firmware is pushed via the 1700 Controller via RS485 cable to remotely update locks, gateways and PIMs over the network saving time and money for integrators and end users alike. Downloading firmware in a timely manner for locks (Schlage AD-300/400, NDE, LE, Von Duprin RU-RM), Engage BLE gateways and PIMs happens without system disruption and all devices will still be fully functional.

Available only from Sielox, Lock Toggle is a unique selectable convenience feature for Allegion AD, NDE and LE wireless locks using 900 MHz and BLE communications. Lock Toggle permits credentialed individuals to use a single card to change the status of the lock without contacting the access control system operator. Users simply present their credential and toggle the lock twice to either lock or unlock the door. The lock will continue to follow any scheduled change in status. Deployments using WiFi communications require a separate Lock Toggle credential.

WiFi Integration

Announced in 2019, Pinnacle Schlage WiFi software integration manages Schlage NDE and LE wireless locks directly for scheduled communications only using existing “WiFi” network communications. System managers can send and receive updates directly to locks without a control panel providing users with convenience and dependable security with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

With this integration, users can control an unlimited number of Allegion Schlage and Von Duprin WiFi locks, manage cardholder records, create access groups, define holiday schedules, and more. Schlage lock fields are also reported in Pinnacle v.10.4 providing users with a single dashboard to monitor lock status.

Salto Sallis Wireless Lock Integration

In 2012 Sielox released a new 1700 Controller firmware version that integrated Pinnacle Access Control Software to support up to 16 Salto Sallis wireless locks, in addition to the two hard wired doors/readers provided by the controller.