Campus Access Control Solutions

Sielox Access Control Solutions for Enterprise and Campus-wide Uses

Campuses are now everywhere – not just for education – but for business, commercial, sports, churches, HOW, casinos, retail and entertainment complexes. They can be vertically oriented in urban spaces, fully enclosed mini-cities in colder regions, or sprawling outdoor spaces – they can even include separated buildings spread across town. They can include multi-building government, corporate, and enterprise-level workplaces. How can security professionals maintain situational awareness to deal with impending and potentially harmful incidents across such large facility systems?

Sielox has the answer: Scalable layered security solutions.

Sielox created the concept of layered security solutions – not as a marketing catchphrase, but in response to the growing demand from users looking to design and implement large scale systems with the versatility and scalability they need today and to grow with tomorrow.

Sielox offers versatile access control solutions to provide a comprehensive and highly effective first line of defense. Our Pinnacle™ Advanced Access Control Solution and AnyWare™ Browser-Based Access Control Platform provides advanced accountability and monitoring capabilities to ensure that only authorized individuals can access restricted areas, information, or assets. Sielox’s comprehensive portfolio also includes ID cards and biometric technology from industry-leading technology partners to provide comprehensive system solutions for commercial facilities.

Add our highly acclaimed CLASS™ (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System) to the system equation for the most versatile layered solution available from a single solution provider.

Let us take a tour of your campus and show you just how effective Sielox layered security solutions can be in meeting your specific needs.