Optional Annual End-User Support Agreement

Communicate directly with Sielox Tech Support

The support you need, when you need it!

An End User Support Agreement provides Sielox Technical support directly to the End User rather than the End User contacting the Certified Sielox Integrator for technical support.

The End User must contract this Support Plan through the Certified Sielox Integrator.

Annual End-User Support Agreement (EUSA)

  • Fixed price based on System Software size
  • Unlimited calls
  • Requires current Warranty or SSA

Program includes:

  • Phone and/or network streaming support for software related issues such as reports, naming conventions, basic programming and configuration questions related to time zones, filters, groups, extended data fields, etc.
  • This does not cover hardware troubleshooting, network troubleshooting or diagnostics of any third-party devices such as readers, locks, doors, contacts, rex’s, etc.
  • Installing new software version
  • Remote Browse-in support
  • How to add/delete/modify anything in the database
  • How to Run Reports – build templates
  • Hardware troubleshooting requires Certified Sielox Integrator

Sielox Technical Support Hours are 8:30am – 7:30pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday.

End Users in this program will receive Technical Bulletins if Sielox is supplied with the appropriate e-mail address.

Pinnacle System Services

Pinnacle Initial Load – Pinnacle Software Load (Initial Installation) via Network Streaming Required: Network Streaming access and availability of IT resource for password setting required at the customer site, Note: Pinnacle configuration not included

Pinnacle Imports – Pinnacle to Pinnacle Import – Recommended for all upgrades prior to Pinnacle 7.0 or when upgrading to a new server with version software upgrade

Database Conversions – Custom Imports – Import from other Manufacturer’s Access Control Systems, merge data from multiple sources, merge image files to the database

Current Sielox Software Versions

As good practice, and for the highest quality support, Sielox strongly recommends that Sielox software and controllers be maintained at the most recent software and firmware version levels. Below is a chart of the latest released system versions.

Software Version AC 2700
Pinnacle 11.0.0 27.02.00
AnyWare 2.2 27.02.00
CLASS 2.2 27.02.00

What Version is my Pinnacle Software?

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Version Number – 10.0.02
Registration Number – 0F6D

What Version is my AnyWare or CLASS Software?

Version Number – 2.0