Government Access Control Solutions

Sielox Access Control Solutions for State and Local Government

Federal, State, and Local Government facilities include a variety of building types, such as administrative offices, maintenance buildings, courthouses, police departments, and similar sensitive areas. These facilities need appropriate access control and emergency notification and response systems in place to protect staff, visitors, and often, weapons, evidence, and seized contraband, among other valuable property and information.

Thus, it’s critical to have the most advanced and effective security solutions in place. Sielox offers an extensive portfolio of access control and emergency notification and response solutions that can be layered in any combination or used stand-alone to meet your operation’s specific security and safety requirements.

Sielox offers versatile access control solutions to provide a comprehensive and highly effective first line of defense. Our Pinnacle™ Advanced Access Control Solution and AnyWare™ Browser-Based Access Control Platform provides advanced accountability and monitoring capabilities to ensure that only authorized individuals can access restricted areas, information, or assets.

Sielox’s comprehensive portfolio also includes ID cards and biometric technology to provide the multi-factor authentication that government agencies require. All Sielox solutions adhere to the highest standards of quality to meet applicable regulations and confidently control critical security initiatives.

Sielox is a listed vendor with PEPPM which can be used for State, County, and Municipal Government purchasing.