Overview of Pinnacle Access Control Add-Ons

By itself, Sielox’s Pinnacle™ Access Control Platform is a powerful, flexible system and is widely recognized in the security industry. And, Pinnacle access control software is available in several versions to accommodate a wide range of access control applications ranging from retail and small businesses (SMBs) to stand-alone buildings, multi-tenant complexes, and even enterprise-level campuses.

This section covers Pinnacle Options and Add-ons that provide additional functionality for specific purposes. Choose from the tiles below to learn more about these powerful add-on capabilities.

Pinnacle Web Based Access Control

Pinnacle Web allows security staff to manage their Pinnacle Access Control system remotely from any computer with access to the Internet.

Pinnacle Data Exchange for Access Control

Pinnacle Data Exchange is an access control application that allows third party security management systems to update the Pinnacle Cardholder Database.

Kaplogic Aegis3 Access Control Maps

Kaplogic Aegis3 creates control maps from existing AutoCAD, JPEG, and other file formats. Users can drag cameras, card readers, etc. to the map and control them with a mouse click.

Integrated Visitor Management

Sielox offers HID Global EasyLobby, a paperless visitor management solution that easily integrates with Pinnacle Access Control software to streamline the visitor planning, approval, and check-in process.

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