K-12 School Access Control Solutions

Sielox Access Control Solutions for K-12 Schools

Protecting the safety and security of children, teachers and all the support personnel working in our public and private school systems is a high priority. Incident deterrence, prevention, and response all depend on proven, effective access control systems that can be tailored and deployed in both new and existing facilities.

Sielox offers an extensive portfolio of K-12 safety and K-12 security solutions, including access control and emergency notification and response systems that can be layered in any combination, or used stand-alone to meet your specific security and safety requirements.

When and if an incident occurs at your educational facility, you need to react quickly and gather as much information as quickly and easily as possible. This is why we designed Sielox CLASS™ (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System). It dramatically improves emergency notification and response capabilities, saving time and potentially saving lives by providing a highly effective tool for issuing alerts and managing hazards, and potentially threatening situations such as severe weather and earthquakes. It’s a best in class solution for schools everywhere.

And to really control who is walking your halls, Sielox versatile access control solutions provide a comprehensive and highly effective first line of defense. Our Pinnacle™ Advanced Access Control Solution and AnyWare™ Browser-Based Access Control Platform deliver advanced accountability and monitoring capabilities to ensure that only authorized individuals to have access to your facilities.

And in the event of an emergency or impending threat, Sielox access control solutions can lock down an entire facility with a single command. It’s a fast easy and effective way to secure schools.

Sielox’s comprehensive portfolio also includes ID cards and biometric technology from industry-leading technology partners to provide comprehensive system solutions for a wide range of educational facilities.

Learn how you can create a safer and more secure education environment with the unsurpassed protection of Sielox layered security systems.

Sielox is a listed vendor with PEPPM which can be used for State, County, and Municipal Government purchasing.