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Pinnacle Access Control

Sielox Pinnacle™ access control is a feature-rich, event-management software solution that provides superior management and control capabilities to address your current needs with scalability for tomorrow. It’s available in several versions to accommodate any size application.

Sielox CLASS

CLASS™ is an award-winning Emergency Notification and Response Solution that dramatically improves emergency notification and response capabilities. By providing vital emergency status details to first responders, the system saves time and potentially lives.

Sielox 1700 Access Controller

Our renowned 1700 Access Controller is an intelligent, fully distributed 32-bit access control panel that provides facility protection even if communications have been interrupted.

This field-proven, cost-effective, expandable and serviceable unit connects directly to a network, saving costs.

Wireless Lock Integrations

Wireless locks provide a highly effective and efficient means to enhance security by incorporating various access control solutions while extending the reach of perimeter security with extreme cost-efficiency. Our 1700 Controller and Pinnacle Access Control Software encompasses integrations with some of the leading wireless lock communications technologies in the industry.

Innovative Layered Security Solutions for Access Control

Security professionals across all verticals have a multitude of systems to choose from when developing a holistic security plan. The challenge lies in deciding the priority in which selected solutions are deployed relative to purchase and installation costs, manpower training, and operational expenses – all of which increase exponentially as the number of systems increases.

Although security experts generally agree that a layered security approach works best to limit vulnerabilities and improve overall safety and security, there is no single system model or bundled solution to fit the needs of different users and facilities.

Sielox Layered Security Solutions address the complexity of providing the right combination of features and configurations to best accommodate individual user’s specific needs. Our latest Advanced Access Control and Emergency Notification and Response solutions are designed for layered security system applications, as well as stand-alone operation capable of future scalability and integration. They include: CLASS™ (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System); Pinnacle™ Advanced Access Control Solution; AnyWare™ Browser-Based Access Control Platform; and our highly touted line of Intelligent Controllers.

ISC West 2020

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Start Date: 03/18/2020 10:00 AM
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How to Leverage Existing Devices and Networks for Better Incident and Crisis Management

Your organization probably has a variety of security technology and networks in place already. But are you properly prepared for an emergency situation? The right intelligent management solution can bring your current systems together using a layered approach to ensure that you are ready to handle a crisis. Join us for an informative and free webinar to learn how you can leverage the technology you already have in place while improving overall security. You’ll discover how Sielox CLASS™ Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System — a cost-effective, easily-deployed daily incident and crisis management communication solution — works with your existing devices and networks to improve security response during an incident.

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