It’s been 45 years since Sielox first began designing and developing access control and physical security solutions back in 1979. And although we’ve continued to evolve into an experienced and mature enterprise over the years, in many ways we still think like a startup.


Because we understand that the little things matter— each line of code, every customer interaction and reaction, and all the otherwise subtle nuances that contribute to our customers’ overall user experience. Over time, our attention to these details has fostered longstanding relationships, an outstanding reputation for reliability, revered customer support, and longevity. Today, this amalgamation of both big and little things allows us to navigate the complexities of the cyber-physical security industry with the same agility and passion that fueled us on day one.

But the real story isn’t about Sielox ‘s 45 years of existence, it’s about how we have continued to apply our core business pillars and principles to support our partners and customers.


At Sielox, we are constantly developing new access control and layered security solutions that are as versatile as they are easy to use. We do this by actively listening to our customers’ challenges so we can leverage the latest technologies to deliver the solutions that they need. Take AnyWare 2.2 for example. In this latest version of our browser-based access control monitoring and event management solution, we’ve enhanced the solutions scalability and features to suit a wide spectrum of applications with improved cost and operational efficiencies. In effect, AnyWare has evolved to become the access control solution for virtually everyone.

Better Value Propositions

Anyone who has been in the access space for more than a nanosecond can attest that users unequivocally detest overarching licensing fees. So, we’ve pretty much eliminated them, providing users with a lower total cost of ownership for cutting-edge access control and layered security solutions. We also continue to reduce the hidden costs of physical security (e.g., time and training required to learn a system, system downtime, device reconfiguration, reporting and analysis, etc.) by implementing real intelligence into our software and hardware solutions that reduce hidden expenses, while increasing security and delivering new sources of business intelligence.

Product Availability

Sielox has always been proactive and strategic about ensuring our supply of critical system components. Even during the post-COVID shortage of computer parts, our products were in stock and ready to ship. We did this by leveraging long-term relationships with our US-based suppliers while also preparing for fluctuations in the supply chain by strategically stockpiling vital resources. These same relationships and preplanning strategies still exist today, helping us to guarantee timely product availability. Being Made in the USA is not just a slogan, it’s an important factor in our success, the success of our integrators, and the satisfaction of our end users.

Superior Service

Many years ago, we made the strategic decision to sell direct to systems integrators. By removing distributors and selectively choosing our reseller partners, we can guarantee that end users collaborate with vetted and highly-trained partners. Not only does this ensure a high standard of service, it also establishes a direct line of communication between Sielox and our integration partners. This provides our engineering and product development teams with an unfiltered understanding of customers’ specific needs and challenges, providing invaluable information to continuously improve Sielox’s products and services. This extends to our quoting and order processing, communications, shipping, and all facets of an “easy to do business with” enterprise.

Partner Success

Throughout the course of our journey, we’ve come to recognize that the success of our integration partners is inseparable from our own. Our commitment to provide fast delivery and support response times, along with unwavering tech support, is testimony to this. By prioritizing transparency and reliability, we aim to build trust with our partners in the field that goes beyond the transactional.

As we pause for a brief moment to look back at our history and envision the future, Sielox offers the best of both worlds – the stability and expertise of a seasoned organization, and the dynamism and forward-looking vision of a startup. This duality defines our unique identity and will continue to fuel future growth and innovation at Sielox for the next 45 years… and beyond.

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