Sielox AnyWare Browser-based Access Control

Faster, Easier and More Scalable

AnyWare™ is a simple and scalable browser-based access control monitoring and event management solution for SMBs with 8 to 40 doors, and up to 25,000 cardholders.

Configurable in minutes, the plug-and-play solution allows authorized individuals to manage doors and alarm points from anywhere, at any time, via LAN, WAN, WiFi, and cellular service. AnyWare operates on any smartphone, tablet, and laptop – providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use security foundation.

The new 2.2 version of AnyWare offers expanded functionality and more powerful processing compared with previous versions, making it faster and easier to take access management mobile.

Control and manage your security events in less than a second from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device – from AnyWare. You’re in control – you can easily deploy, manage, and expand your access control requirements on the fly using LAN, WAN, WiFi and high-speed cell (5G, LTE). AnyWare is a plug-and-play, browser-based and APP access control solution affordable to small and mid-sized organizations.

AnyWare 2.2 is a simple, scalable design suitable for a variety of security environments, managing access control applications with up to forty doors. The browser-based or app system can connect to any URL and pop up a variety of notifications, all with no monthly recurring fees.

Using an IT-friendly pre-loaded network appliance or self-installed on Linux server or VM, AnyWare 2.2 is ready to configure in a matter of minutes. When used in conjunction with Sielox’s industry leading 2700 IP controllers, AnyWare provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use yet robust access control feature set. Why pay every month for security when you can own at a lower total cost of ownership?


  • Browser based access control
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Cost effective solution
  • Software preinstalled or VM supported
  • Desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Same user interface on any device
  • Time saving template configuration
  • Flexible event and alarm management
  • Notifications via text, emails, pop ups, URL
  • Instant flexible filters (who, what, when, where)
  • Lock & Block and Unlock & Unblock
  • Device Groups and Actions
  • Lockdown via Lock & Block and Unlock by input
  • Quick reports
  • Personalize Login page with User logo
  • Supports 1700 and 2700 IP controllers

Additional features:

  • Up to 32 custom data fields can be added to the software for the greater detail you need
  • Cardholder images storage in GIF, JPG, PNG, or BMP formats up to 8MB
  • Multiple access credentials including key fobs, photo ID Cards, vehicle tags and mobile credentials can be assigned to each cardholder’s record
  • Readers can be blocked/unblocked so only first responders have access during emergencies
  • Enhanced card entry utilizing a card number and facility code can be used to enroll credentials
  • Access Levels include a “Privileged” option that grants access regardless of a lockdown, block condition, and time schedules
  • Compatibility with multiple card types, including: 26-bit Standard Wiegand and 33-bit Checkpoint Wiegand, 26-bit Std and 33-bit CKP Wiegand + PIN, or ANSI Mag/Custom Wiegand, Corporate 1000, and FIPS 201 support (PIV, CAC, TWIC) 75 Bit
  • Supervisor permissions for upgrading and troubleshooting
  • Enabled multiple emails per user for improved database management
  • Remote Desktop Connection Manager used exclusively by Sielox Technical Support and Quality Assurance Teams to assist integration partners and upgrade appliance software version

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