The adoption and deployment of new security technologies can be a stressful undertaking. Depending on the size of the project, a new access control system installation could take months, if not years, if expectations are not properly managed. Choosing the right solution for the job must therefore be looked at beyond the lenses of price and functional capability to include a myriad of pre- and post-install considerations.  

For end users, much of the driving force behind selecting a new security technology comes down to costs. And while the price is an important consideration, there are many hidden costs that end users may not factor into the total cost of ownership of a new security system. This includes the time and training required to learn a system, system downtime and maintenance, and the untapped or loss of critical data required to improve threat management and business intelligence. 

Many end-users look to their integrator to recommend an access control solution that meets their needs, but integrators often fall into the same price “trap”. For example, time spent quoting and configuring new systems offsite rarely translates into billable hours. What’s more, the limitations of a physical access control system (PACS) are not often realized until post installation. A lack of manufacturer support, limited scalability, and capacity limitations can also quickly impact an integrator’s bottom line and reputation.  

But how does one find a solution that meets all of these challenges? And what considerations need to be made to ensure that the deployment of a new system goes as smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible?  

Considerations for Integrators

Ease of Quoting: Ordering a new access control system consisting of controllers, readers, credentials, software, etc. can become a time-consuming process – when you learn that not all products are immediately available. Instead of spending time quoting each line item, and hoping that all the products are available, look for a manufacturer with expert pre-sales support to order the right system, quotes transparent pricing, and guarantees product availability.

Ease of Configuration: Configuring a new access system shouldn’t be difficult. Pre-built systems and template configuration tools make it possible to pre-configure a new system before ever arriving on-site, saving valuable time both on the bench and in the field.

Capacity: Given end-users proclivity for price-based solution offerings, find system solutions that allow you to do more with less. This could mean access controllers that accommodate more doors or software solutions that offer regional I/O capacity, enabling the system to seamlessly manage available applications over a larger scope with greater latency.

Considerations for End Users

Ease of Use: The access control system you install today should be the system you intend to use for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, the interface should be user-friendly and intuitive, easily accommodating changes with enrolled users and system configuration. The right security solution will go where you go, enabling you to make changes ,control events and pull data with ease, all with no monthly recurring fees.

Scalability: The security landscape is always changing, meaning that upgrading (or downgrading) an existing system is likely over the system’s lifetime. The system you deploy should accommodate any changes in size to the original system, including new readers and doors, without any major disruption to the access operations and policies.

Reporting Functionality: As an end-user, your new security system should be working for you. For an access control system, this means going beyond simple door controls to deliver customized access control reports relating to reader access, cardholder tracking, and more. These reports can then be used to identify operational inefficiency or for valuable business intelligence applications.

AnyWare for Everyone

Whether you are an end user looking for easy-to-use access control solutions or an integrator looking to maximize time and cost-efficiencies, Sielox has you covered. AnyWare 2.2 is an advanced browser-based access control monitoring and event management solution designed for simplicity, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. This next-gen access control solution offers greater door capacity and regional I/O capacity, along with enhanced reporting functions to improve operational efficiency. It supports up to 64 doors using 32 total controllers, simplifying connectivity and reducing IP network connections. AnyWare empowers integrators with pre-configured templates and a user-friendly ‘Device Setup’ page for smoother installations, ensuring end users can fully utilize the system’s capabilities. It also introduces comprehensive reporting features so end users can easily monitor system performance metrics, complimented by Sielox professional support, making it an ideal solution for various a wide range of users across myriad applications.

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