LifeSafety Power Supplies

LifeSafety Power Supplies

Sielox offers LifeSafety Power Supplies for two, four, eight, or sixteen door access control systems. The SLX-75 Series (75W), SLX-150 Series (150W), or the SLX-250 Series (250W) are available to power Sielox AC-1700 Controllers, Sielox Class™ / AnyWare™ appliances, door strikes / magnetic locks, and auxiliary devices.

The preeminent manufacturer of intelligent power for the security industry

LifeSafety Power is an award-winning power supply company bringing intelligence to facility openings and access control specifications through software analytics that assess the security infrastructure’s power status in real time.

We power many of the world’s leading access manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies – not with a static hardware device – but with networked power management that lets end-users monitor power for security systems proactively – spotting and reporting problems before they occur to maximize system uptime. LSP’s intelligent power supplies and integrated enclosures yield a 77% increase in efficiency, lower total cost of ownership and gather data on the health and viability of power, battery backup and critical access control devices.

The latest monitoring technologies developed in our power systems allow technicians to health check batteries and power cycle devices remotely, eliminating the need for costly onsite servicing. LSP’s systems integrate access panels and power modules into a streamlined UL/ULC enclosure, with pre-engineered, prewired services and installations that can be standardized across the enterprise.