Farpointe Data

Farpointe Data Readers and Credentials

Farpointe Data provides extremely reliable RFID products for electronic access control based upon 125-kHz proximity, 13.56-MHz smartcard, 433-MHz long-range, and now 2.4-GHz mobile technologies.

Farpointe Data

Sielox offers premium RFID readers and credentials from Farpointe Data for electronic access control. Models include Farpointe Pyramid and Delta Series Readers and credentials for indoor or outdoor applications and Farpointe Ranger Long Range Identification Receivers and Transmitters with a read range up to 200 feet.

Farpointe Data Pyramid Series Proximity Reader

The Farpointe Data P-620 Reader is designed to be mounted to a metal door and window frames. It integrates both a proximity reader and keypad into a single unit making it ideal for applications requiring an access credential and/or a personal identification number.

Farpointe Data Ranger Long Range Receivers and Transmitters

Based upon proven contactless digital ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology, Ranger Receivers and Transmitters comply with the Wiegand communication protocol and offer value-add features such as MAXSecure™ and up to 200 feet of reading range (WRR-44). Ranger Transmitters are active devices, powered by a common battery, and equipped with potted proximity or contactless smartcard module. The modules can be ordered to support several proximity reader technologies and allow the Transmitter to be used as a close-range credential.

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