HID Proximity Readers

Sielox has partnered with HID to offer Prox and iClass as additional options for seamless integration with Sielox’s access control systems to provide total access control for your enterprise.

HID Proximity Readers

HID Proximity readers are a robust, affordable reader option and seamlessly integrate with Sielox access control systems. The 125 kHz Prox readers feature FlexSecur® security coding, and combines intelligent programming technology with interchangeable components including uniform modules and a range of stylish, yet durable cover designs.

HID iCLASS Readers

iCLASS readers provide a versatile access control option and offer encryption and mutual authentication for enhanced security. The 13.56 MHz iCLASS readers are user-friendly, delivering proximity technology of superior interoperability, convenience, affordability and reliability for seamless integration into your Sielox access control system.

HID Mobile Access Readers

Mobile devices have transformed every facet of our lives, including access control. With HID Mobile Access®, employees can now use their smartphone, tablet or wearable to access doors, gates, networks and more. This new option for access control greatly improves user convenience in today’s mobile-first world, as well as makes your organization look more modern and professional.

HID SEOS® Readers and Credentials

Seos is the next generation of credential technology from HID that provides the ideal mix of security and flexibility for any organization. Powered by highly advanced encryption and a software-based infrastructure, Seos secures trusted identities on any form factor and can be extended for applications beyond physical access control.

Seos supersedes legacy and existing credential technologies by providing a more secure environment than other credential technologies. It can also be used on mobile devices, smart cards, tags, and more, and it can be extended for applications beyond physical access control, including uses tailored for enterprise, education, government, hospitality, and more.

pivCLASS® READERS and Credentials

Contact, contactless and biometric readers that meet NIST SP 800-116 guidelines for government agencies and other entities that require a high security solution. Provide access to multiple locations and logical access, all on one highly secure card. Ideal for “exclusion” security areas that require high security, interoperability, and compliance typical for federal government installations.

Part of an integrated solution from a single, trusted provider – Enables FIPS 201 compliance per NIST SP 800-116 guidelines and the TWIC Reader Specification.