ASSA ABLOY Aperio Wireless Locks

Sielox is a certified ASSA ABLOY Access Control Partner. This technology partnership allows Sielox to further expand the reach of access control and management with the added value of real-time door control solutions. Designed for easy integration into existing access control systems, the wide range of Aperio-enabled devices allows facilities to add access control to more applications than ever before.

IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Integration (Aperio Enabled Locks)

Sielox has integrated 1700 controllers and Pinnacle Access Control software to manage Aperio hub devices via RS485 cable for real-time command and lockdown of ASSA ABLOY wireless locks using IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communications.

APERIO is a global family of products that use the same wireless technology to fit a wide variety of global standards & applications. Mix and match the correct lock type to fit any facility requirement.

Layered Wireless Lock Integration Solutions

It is important to note that Sielox integrated site deployments of Aperio enabled wireless locks may have two hardwired doors and a mix of up to 32 wireless locks per 1700 controller using the ASSA ABLOY wireless lock portfolio. This capability enables system users to apply the best mix of technology and a high value for any application.

Lock Toggle exclusive feature

Available only from Sielox, Lock Toggle is a unique selectable convenience feature for ASSA ABLOY Aperio enabled wireless locks using 802.15.4 MHz communications. Lock Toggle permits credentialed individuals to use a single card to change the status of the lock without contacting the access control system operator. Users simply present their credential and toggle the lock twice to either lock or unlock the door. The lock will continue to follow any scheduled change in status.

Wireless Lock Features

  • Lock Online
  • Lock Offline
  • Lock Tamper Active
  • Lock Tamper Secure
  • Lock Battery Normal
  • Lock Battery Low
  • Lock Battery Critical
  • Door Privacy Mode Started
  • Door Privacy Mode Ended
  • Door Unlocked Via Toggle
  • Door Locked Via Toggle
  • Door Trouble

ASSA ABLOY Locks, Communications, Devices compatibility

Locks Aperio Enabled Wireless Locks
Access Software Pinnacle
Controller 1700
Licensed Program None required
Device Hub
Communications Fully encrypted AES 128 wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4)

Sielox Pinnacle System with ASSA ABLOY Wireless Locks

In addition to the 2 Hard-wired doors on each AC-1700 Main Controller, the Sielox Pinnacle system supports up to 15 ASSA ABLOY AH30 Hubs via RS-485 and up to 32 Aperio enabled wireless locks. A mixture of lock types can be installed on the same AC-1700 Main Controller.

Note: RS-485 Terminal Controllers are not supported when using Wireless Locks on an AC-1700 Main Controller.

Sielox Layered Security System

ASSA ABLOY Aperio Wireless Locks may be integrated with a Sielox CLASS deployment.