New Layered Security Solutions Deliver Enhanced Access Control Capabilities

Sielox Pinnacle 11 and 2700 press release image

Runnemede, NJ (May 20th, 2022) – Sielox, an established industry leader in layered access control solutions, announces the immediate availability of the company’s flagship Pinnacle™ 11.0 Access Control Platform, a new release with powerful new features, in conjunction with the imminent release of its new 2700 Intelligent Access Controller. Pinnacle™ 11.0 is immediately available for upgrades and new installations with availability of the 2700 Intelligent Access Controller set for May 25th, 2022.

“The nature of how and why access control systems are deployed continues to evolve as new and emerging challenges arise. The latest release of Pinnacle 11.0 and introduction of the new 2700 access controller deliver even greater levels of versatility and performance to help overcome these challenges,” said Karen Evans, President, Sielox.

The Pinnacle™ 11.0 Access Control Platform is a feature-rich, event-management software solution that addresses virtually any size organization’s unique security requirements. As Sielox’s flagship solution, Pinnacle™ delivers virtually unlimited scalability, extreme ease of use and compatibility with leading OEM access products. New features available with Pinnacle™ 11.0 include: support of Windows 11; enhanced Time Zones (Schedules) and Holidays with expanded configuration (e.g., scheduled and repeatable intervals daily, weekly, monthly, yearly; different Holidays by controller; creates exceptions with auto-restore), and enhanced email notification. Additional legacy features include virtual environment support, flexible event filtering and assignment, wireless Wi-Fi lock support without licensing fees, and the ability to execute local, regional or global lockdowns, event link with camera and/or cardholder image displays, muster reporting with person counts, programmable privileged access levels, smart and traditional elevator controls, and pop-up, email, and .wav file event notifications. Pinnacle 11.0 is immediately available for upgrading existing systems as well as for new installations.

Sielox’s new 2700 Intelligent Access Controller is a replacement for the company’s legacy 1700 controller, delivering new benchmarks in speed, performance, and reliability. The intelligent, fully distributed 2700 access control panel accommodates up to 34 doors (2 hardwired and 32 wireless) and can be expanded to include 60 Inputs/outputs. Designed for easy installation and integration, the 2700 features variable input ranging from 12 to 24VDC with auto sensing, 12VDC auxiliary power output (1A max), local alarm buzzer (forced or held open conditions), and is OSDP compatible. Embedded with a Linux OS platform, the 2700 integrates with any combination of Sielox’s layered access control solutions including Pinnacle™ 11.0, AnyWare 2.0 mobile access control, Sielox I/O Expansion boards, and the CLASS 2.0 Emergency Notification and Response Solution. The 2700 will be available beginning May 25th, 2022.

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