Unique Solution Sets New Benchmarks in Integration with Device-Level Control and Universal System Management on the Enterprise Level

Las Vegas, NV (March 29, 2023) – Sielox, an established industry leader layered PACS and emergency notification solutions, and Kterio, an innovator in building data control solutions that provide big data portfolio-wide analysis and control, announce a new exclusive partnership to bring a groundbreaking level of integrated system control and management to the physical security and building management markets.

Unlike conventional physical security information management (PSIM) systems, the Kterio solution, XenaBI™, enables IoT device level analysis, management, reporting and control on a single agnostic platform. The cloud-based solution accommodates a virtually unlimited number of analog and IoT physical security and building management devices across the enterprise to accommodate applications at any scale.

“Sielox has been marketing layered PACS and emergency notification systems for over 20 years, and we have never seen an integration solution as versatile and powerful as the Kterio building operating system,” said Karen Evans, President, Sielox. “The Kterio solution enables virtually any and every analog and/or IoT device to be seamlessly integrated and fully controlled at the device level, without the need for any custom drivers. This is a true gamechanger for large organizations that are looking for more efficient and effective ways to manage, control and automate systems.”

The Kterio operating system, XenaBI™, is built on the premise of creating a true digital twin of an organizations’ critical infrastructure, which is essentially a digital representation of all the physical products, systems, and processes across the enterprise to be integrated.  The XenaBI™ identifies all connected analog and IoT devices and stores granular device data to allow any number of user interfaces to analyze and access every device. This forms the digital twin of an organization’s physical security and building management devices and systems, enabling control and management of any/every connected device.

Structured as a Software-as-Service (SaaS), the Kterio operating system is a cloud solution that removes layers of disparate system management software and service contracts.

“The Kterio operating system, XenaBI™, makes every physical and building management environment more efficient, sustainable and future proofed,” said Mark Glynn, President, Kterio. “Our partnership with Sielox provides us the opportunity to partner with a recognized leader in layered security solutions who understands the challenges and nuances of integrating devices and systems on the enterprise level. Together, we will change conventional thinking and implementation of enterprise level physical security and building management technologies.”

Kterio’s innovative control and management operating system is being demonstrated at ISC West in Sielox’s exhibit, booth 12109.

For more information contact info@Sielox.com, visit www.sielox.com

About Kterio

Kterio, founded in 2020, is a leading real estate SaaS company. Kterio’s unique Building Digital Operating System allows building owners for the first time to efficiently monitor and manage the various physical assets in their buildings on a real-time basis and, at the same time, achieve significant energy savings. Kterio is headquartered in the US and Europe and serves customers in the commercial building, industrial, multi-family, and hospital sectors. For further information about Kterio, please contact: Investor Relations, Tel: +1 (888) 241-1696 (ext. 1004), Investor.Relations@kterio.com, www.kterio.com