Spring is here, which means the weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, and it’s time to spring clean your access control system! That’s right. Spring is the perfect time to not only declutter your home and office, but your physical access control system (PACS) as well.

Think about it. When was the last time you cleaned out all the old, inactive, and outdated user data stored in your organization’s access control system? Months? Years?

If it’s been a while, your organization is at risk for insider threats you may not even be aware of. And while cleaning out junk data may seem like a daunting task, Sielox helps system administrators automate the cleaning process with a fast, powerful utility that’s already built-in to the Pinnacle System.

Here’s How it Works…

Just like junk accumulated at your house or office, junk data quickly builds up within PACS, compounding over time and making it hard to separate the “good” data from the “bad”. Inaccurate, bad access data often looks the same as accurate data, leaving you to wonder where to start.

By utilizing Pinnacle’s System Clean Up Utility feature, system administrators can efficiently address neglected or overlooked access data in just a few simple steps.

Within the Pinnacle Access Control Platform, there are 8 tests that can be selected from the System Cleanup Utility that identify risky access data, including unused access levels, duplicate access levels, inactive cardholders, and more. Running these tests automatically brings risky data to the forefront, allowing you to identify associated criteria and provide swift, remedial action.

Best of all, the System Clean Up Utility feature is included in the SieloxPinnacle™ 11.0 Access Control Platform and ready for use by all Pinnacle platform users.

…And Why It Matters

Outdated, invalid, and incorrect access data poses a great risk to organizations in the form of insider threats and bad actors. Consider an ex-employee using a valid access badge to gain access to a facility’s valuable assets. Or access to high-risk areas still assigned to a contractor that no longer requires it. Such inappropriate access exposes an organization to threats such as vandalism, theft, or violence.

The System Clean Up Utility feature effectively enables a swift and thorough cleanup of invalid or outdated access control data, resulting in enhanced security across the enterprise.

Why Now?

Spring is an ideal time to give your PACS the refresh it desperately needs. Inactive and outdated data is quick to compound as administrators struggle to keep up with ever-changing access rights, badge provisioning, and staff schedules. It is easy to feel as though maintaining an accurate access control system is out of reach, leading many administrators to ignore the issue entirely.

But Pinnacle offers the opportunity to proactively address system cleanup with a tool likely already at your disposal. It’s never been easier to instantly reduce risk within your organization, making now the perfect time to address your aging access data.

Utilizing the System Clean Up Utility feature also saves valuable time and resources by automating a traditionally manual process. Unlike a broken card reader, inaccurate data is not visible to the naked eye. By identifying and cleaning such data within seconds, not days, administrators are able to spend more time focusing on mission critical tasks.

Proactive Security Year-Round

While now is the perfect time to tackle PACS spring cleaning, don’t wait until next spring to do it again! The System Clean Up Utility is designed to be used as often as needed to eliminate stale access data and potential security weaknesses.

It’s also just one of the many advanced tools and functions available to current Pinnacle users. The Pinnacle Access Control Platform already offers hundreds of user-selectable filters to provide real-time data on virtually every aspect of access activity and system status, effectively transforming traditional proactive access control deployments into pre-emptive solutions for myriad physical security and business intelligence applications.

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