Embedded Filters Deliver Heightened Intelligence to New and Existing Users

Runnemede,NJ (December 1, 2022) –Sielox, an established industry leader in layered access control solutions, has further enhanced the capabilities of its flagship Pinnacle™ 11.0 Access Control Platform with pre-emptive intelligence. Hundreds of user-selectable filters provide Pinnacle users with real-time data on virtually every aspect of access activity and system status, effectively transforming traditional proactive access control deployments into pre-emptive solutions for myriad physical security and business intelligence applications. These enhanced capabilities are available to all new and existing Pinnacle users with current support agreements.

“Traditional access control platforms are often seen as an operating expense that simply control entry and egress with little to no pre-emptive capabilities. Pinnacle challenges that notion by delivering new sources of data and intelligence that can help security professionals identify anomalies, suspicious activities, system failures and other potential threats in real-time,” said Karen Evans, President, Sielox. “In addition to delivering advanced access performance and compliance for physical security and business intelligence applications, Pinnacle enhances overall personal identification and identity management processes – all within the context of the Pinnacle platform.”

Pinnacle 11’s innate intelligence takes access control to the next level, allowing users to leverage pre-emptive data and advanced notifications for a comprehensive range of applications. These include: controlled/privileged access levels; contractor and contingent worker management; emergency access management including lockdowns and mustering; occupancy management; compliance/audit management; workforce management time and attendance; insider threat detection and risk mitigation (access attempts/denied/expired credentials/incorrect pin/reader deactivated or modified…); health management and contact tracing; system tampering; forced entry; badge management (created/deleted/modified…); event history, system/device status and programming for all doors, readers and controllers; and alarm and false alarm management.

Pinnacle 11 delivers virtually unlimited scalability, extreme ease of use and compatibility with leading OEM access products. Additional new features include support of Windows 11, enhanced Time Zones schedules and holidays with expanded configuration, and enhanced email notification. Pinnacle 11.0 is immediately available for upgrading existing systems as well as for new installations. More information can be found at www.sielox.com/solutions/pre-emptive-access-control-solutions/.

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