New Functionality Includes Wi-Fi Lock Integration with Firmware Updates, and Better Network Security

Las Vegas, NV (April 10, 2019) – At ISC West 2019 (booth #13109), Sielox LLC is showcasing versatile new enhancements to its Pinnacle v.10.4 Access Control Platform. New functionality allows users to seamlessly access the features of Allegion’s Schlage Engage Wi-Fi locks enabling them to be easily integrated with Pinnacle Schlage Wi-Fi access platform feature. Additionally, Allegion Schlage wireless locks can now receive firmware updates through Sielox’s 1700 controller using Allegion ONR technology, which can save integrators tremendous time and money when upgrading and maintaining layered security systems using cost-effective wireless locks.

“Pinnacle v.10.4 provides a number of features that are exclusive to Sielox that further enhance the implementation and maintenance of Wi-Fi locks on our access control platform,” said Karen Evans, President, Sielox. “This, plus other new feature additions like LDAP (Active Directory) and improved security, further leverage the versatility and cost-efficiency of Pinnacle for myriad access control applications.”

Pinnacle v.10.4 provides seamless integration with Allegion Schlage NDE and LE wireless locks so they can easily be incorporated as part of a facility’s overall access control system using existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. The Pinnacle Schlage Wi-Fi integration provides access to the wireless locks’ features, enabling advanced door management capabilities along with credential management, detailed audit reports, and customizable screen layouts. With this integration, users are able to control an unlimited number of Allegion Schlage NDE and LE wireless locks, manage cardholder records, create access groups, define holiday schedules and more. Additional Schlage wireless lock fields are now reported in Pinnacle providing users a single dashboard to monitor the lock status.

An industry first, Allegion Schlage™ NDE and LE wireless locks can receive firmware updates when using the Sielox 1700 Controller Allegion ONR feature via RS-485 communications. By pushing the ONR Firmware Package for Allegion Schlage wireless locks using 1700 Controllers, users and integrators can save both time and money.

Sielox has also added a new Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) enhancement to Pinnacle v.10.4. TLS, and its predecessor Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for improved network security. TLS/SSL operates by establishing an encrypted communication path between two applications, “wrapping” the entire application protocol inside the secure link. This provides complete privacy for the entire transaction so that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access while in transit. Pinnacle TLS 1.2, which is available to current Pinnacle users, provides compliant level security.

An additional update to Pinnacle v.10 includes Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), a licensed service that can be installed on the same server as Pinnacle. The feature simplifies administration by assigning roles to users with permissions, which makes the overall solution more efficient and easier to use for larger security systems. Pinnacle 10.4 will be released in Q2 2019 and is available in several configurations that can be specifically tailored to the needs of any size business or facility, or integrated in a layered systems model.