There are a lot of different blogs you can read that come from security industry providers. What made us decide to throw our hat into this ring?

First and most important, our entire business depends on providing what you, our  customer, needs to keep your organization’s people, property and assets secure, safe, compliant and operational. Our connection with you is direct and concrete. If your security systems are not up to snuff, we have the latest access control and emergency notification systems you need that can be deployed as stand-alone solutions, or layered now or in the future to provide truly integrated enterprise level protection.

Our new blog series is one way we can connect more directly with you, to provide useful information on what new technologies are available and how they are helping our broad range of users solve longstanding challenges.

So welcome to our blog! Moving forward, we will continue to publish new posts on a regular basis. We’ll also be publishing useful information you can download, and we’ll be hosting webinars to help you capitalize on information from our highly experienced staff, technology partners and users.

I hope you choose to subscribe to this blog, and follow us on social media too. We have a lot to share and are looking forward to communicating even more closely with our valued customers and partners.