Intelligent Systems Provide Improved Control and Response

Dallas, TX (September 26, 2017) – Sielox is demonstrating its comprehensive portfolio of access control and emergency communications solutions here at ASIS 2017 (booth #1533). The company’s layered approach to access control and lockdown system solutions provides better control and response to problem situations.

“The concept of layered security continues to gain traction across the professional security industry for wide ranging applications from schools to hospitals to office complexes because it delivers the perfect combination of customization, performance, economy and scalability,” said Karen Evans, Sielox LLC President and CEO. “Sielox continues to pioneer the development of integrated and layered  solutions that provide innovative solutions to longstanding access control and lockdown issues.”

Featured solutions include: CLASS™ (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System) Emergency Notification and Lockdown Solution; the Pinnacle Advanced Access Control Solution; and the 1700 Intelligent Controller that fully integrates with Schlage® AD, NDE and LE wireless locks. Also featured is a new Lock Toggle for the 1700 Controller that allows users to lock and unlock doors without a second credential to override pre-set schedules. The Sielox integrations of both the Schlage NDE and LE wireless locks were first-to-market.

Sielox’s layered access control and lockdown systems have been successfully deployed in facilities across the country, including schools such as Washington Township Public Schools in Washington Township, NJ and Upper Township Schools in Upper Township, NJ. With Sielox layered security solutions in place, these schools can lockdown the building; communicate with local law enforcement in real time; communicate with facility, students and staff members during the lockdown; and change alert levels as developments unfold. The decision these school districts made to deploy Sielox layered access control and lockdown solutions has been very beneficial in improving security and operations with great cost efficiency.

For more information about Sielox, visit, email or call toll free 800-424-2126.

About Sielox

Since 1979, Sielox has designed and manufactured innovative security management systems including Pinnacle® Advanced Access Control, 1700 Intelligent Controller with lockdown and serviceability, Sielox AnyWare™ Fast & Easy access control and the award-winning Sielox Class™ Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System. Our select business partners integrate scalable Sielox and OEM solutions for commercial, education, financial, government, utilities, retail and healthcare markets. Sielox provides intuitive “Made in USA” solutions that exceed today’s complex and demanding
security environments.