We are certainly living in interesting times. If you work in the field of Security and Public Safety, chances are good that your world is disrupted right now – schools are closed, restaurants are take-out only, and retail stores have restricted hours. Even the ISC-West show has been postponed to July, and we don’t know for certain if it will happen then! You may even be in the middle of a lockdown yourself – working from home or another safe location. And if you are, you know that having a connection to the outside world for information is essential.

Times like this can make organizations lose valuable momentum, but it doesn’t have to happen. Professionals know that even when significant events like ISC-West are postponed or cancelled, our industry is full of companies that are creating new products and implementing new solutions. Instead of taking it easy for a few weeks, motivated teams are taking advantage of the situation to participate in learning experiences, and in particular – webinars!

Webinars are the ideal way to participate in training or demonstration events from your home or office without having to travel or risk spreading infections in group settings. With today’s webinar functionality, everyone can listen in, ask questions, and gain many of the benefits of in-person trainings while practicing social distancing and staying healthy.

Sielox recognized the value of remote learning long ago, and has been delivering educational webinars, demonstrations, and trainings for years. Feedback from participants has been strongly positive, and the format lends itself to interaction, so every attendee has the chance to gain a clear understanding of the presented materials and their implications.

There are two such webinars coming up soon on the topic of Sielox’s CLASS™ offering. (CLASS stands for the Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System) Sielox CLASS is a patented solution that improves emergency notification and response capabilities, saving time and potentially saving lives. CLASS is a highly effective, scalable and flexible resource to issue alerts and best manage threatening situations, while enabling awareness for other important daily incidents such as medical emergencies, suspicious persons, irate parents, maintenance needs, and more. The CLASS system provides for two-way communication between individuals or groups and first responders to exchange detailed information or instructions – an essential element that immeasurably improves emergency response. Just as you need a link to the outside world during your own ‘work at home shelter-in-place’, anyone who is in a lockdown situation needs to have a communication link to the first responders to provide their status and receive instructions!

Participants in the educational webinars will learn how the CLASS system is the only emergency notification and response solution that can instantly initiate an alert condition, enable communications with first responders, and visually track and report status in real time on a room-by-room basis. Participants will also see how to manage the system, how to tailor the system to match their own operational needs, and build a clear understanding of how the system can help them respond to crisis situations with confidence and effectiveness.

Make the best use of your locked-down time, and the delay of the ISC-West event, to learn about the Sielox CLASS system. Webinars are a great way to participate during the current situation, and will reinforce the value of communication during such an event.

Please visit this registration page to reserve your place in an upcoming webinar, and we hope that all of you remain safe and healthy as we work our way through this current crisis.  Note that even after these two webinars are over, this registration page will be updated with future webinar schedules.

Learn more about our powerful, and highly cost-effective lockdown and emergency notification solutions here: www.sielox.com/solutions/school-lockdown/